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​​Skilled Nursing​

Our nursing staff performs complete nursing assessments on all of our patients such as blood pressure, pulse ox, respiratory assessment, cardiac assessment, skin assessment,etc. 

Medication Management

Our nurses are trained to help our patients manage their medications. We educate them about the reasons for the prescribed medication and why it is important to take it as directed. Our nurses can teach our patients how to use a medication if the administration is to difficult for the patient to comprehend. We offer medication alarm lock boxes if our patient that has trouble remembering to take the medicine or if family members take medication without them knowing.


We offer all three disciplines of therapy. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, & speech therapy. 

Social Worker

We work with social workers to be sure that all of our patients are getting all of the benefits that they can qualify for. Social workers help to see that our patients are not neglected in home. They also refer patients to agencies such as meals on wheels.

Home Health Aides

We have home health aides on staff who are able to help you or your loved ones complete difficult tasks for their personal hygiene. Tasks such as bathing and nail trimming. 

Wound Care

Our nursing staff is extremely proficient in wound care. We have a wound care certified nurse on staff who can attend to any wound care patient as needed. Our nurses are also trained and certified on the use of KCI wound vacs. We have a great relationship with a local podiatrist and are very knowledgeable from our experience working hand in hand with their office. We have more wound care experience than most home health agencies.


We address the dietary needs of our patients. In some circumstances our nutritionist might need to create a special diet for individuals that are diabetic or that have other health problems where food is the enemy.

Lab Draws

Our nurses can take lab draws for physicians as well as to keep track of patient improvement and record.

Diabetes Management

Our nursing staff can administer insulin as needed if the patient is to incompetent to perform the task. We are also able to teach new insulin dependent diabetics how to self inject themselves and check their blood sugar daily. 

IV therapy & Administration

Our nursing staff are trained to administer antibiotics and intravenous medications as instructed by their physician.